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Prepare to embark on a transformative journey
that releases the keys to exponential success. Join us in the first installment of this 3-volume series, where you'll gain invaluable insights that were picked up early in life, which prompted one man to cross from the familiar over to the marketplace. This book is the perfect read for those aspiring to gain leadership insight using real-life scenarios.

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Transformational keynote speaker
with over 40 years experience


About Dr. Jordan


Dr. Ternae T. Jordan, Sr. is a highly respected second-generation minister dedicated to serving God and making a positive impact on communities. With a Bachelor's degree in Business Education and Religious Studies from the University of Tennessee, he pursued further education at the Harvard School of Divinity, Leadership Institute.


Currently serving as the Pastor of Mt. Canaan Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Dr. Jordan has held significant pastorates at Bethlehem Baptist Church and Greater Progressive Baptist Church. With 40 years of ministry and community service, he has left a lasting impression.


Dr. Jordan's commitment to community extends beyond the pulpit. He founded Stop the Madness, Inc., an anti-violence program, and served as Program Director of the Value-Based Initiative, promoting community involvement for a safer Fort Wayne. His contributions have earned him awards, including the degree of Doctor of Divinity honoris causa.


Actively involved in various boards, Dr. Jordan serves Purpose Point Community Resource Center, Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, and United Way. He has participated in national discussions on intervention and prevention programs.


Despite his achievements, Dr. Jordan remains grounded in faith, family, and community. Alongside his wife, Angela Faye Jordan, he has raised three children and enjoys time with his grandchildren. Known for his compassion and sense of humor, Dr. Ternae T. Jordan, Sr. exemplifies a life dedicated to serving God and making a lasting impact on others.


Keion Henderson

Pastor of The Lighthouse Church, Houston, TX

"Dr. Jordan became a surrogate father to me. He taught me what I needed to know about preaching, manhood, systems, and finances. I will honor him every chance I get."

Anthony Payton

Pastor of CAAYAC Church, Fort Wayne, IN

"I have never been in a room or meeting where people were not impressed once he left. Impressed by his compassion, and genuine spirit to make a difference."

Kwame Kilpatrick

Former Mayor of Detroit, MI

" I had never met a person always excited, always happy, always willing to help, until I met Dr. Jordan. He has truly extended himself in my life."
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